Fitness Equipment Eva Foam Roller Blocks Pilates Fitness Gym Exercises Physio Massage Roller Yoga Sport Tool #6

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Muscle Roller Yoga Massage Stick Fascia Cellulite Spiky Ball Relax


  • Provide deep tissue massage for foot, calves, legs, hamstring, back, glutes, quads, neck, sciatica, back and shoulder.

  • Very efficient for relieving the pain such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, restless leg syndrome, tennis elbow, etc, to ease muscle soreness, aid recovery, reduce stiffness and pain before and after workouts.

  • Curve handles unique design easy for holding and energizing.

  • This tool will help increase from recovery if used pre & post exercise as it will gently stretch and knead muscle and fascia in all directions to provide you with your own personalised sports massage.

  • Each rolling spindle engineered to hit even the smallest pressure points and muscle fibers for a deep tissue massaging experience.

  • chairs provided in offices these days, or for those who do not stop on the job and need to release any tension, aches or knots. This roller has 3 rotating balls which adapts to your bodies position or point of contact with the spikey roller so that you can

  • Will relax and relief even your most cramped and tight sore muscles for a quick recovery.

  • target specific muscle groups, with the specifically constructed contours by simply rolling over the firm, raised and flexible blocks of rolling stick.

  • Used for leg, arm, back, neck, waist etc.

  • Gender: Mens, Womens, Boys, Girls, Unisex

  • This 3 spikey ball roller is the perfect tool for every athlete regardless of your level. Compact enough to fit into your gym bag, ideal for home use, perfect for short intervals between work especially when becoming stiff from being sat on the dreaded swivel

  • Colour:Orange

Package Include:

  • 1 xMassage roller



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Weight0.58 kg
Dimensions8.00 × 5.00 × 3.00 cm



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